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It's not easy to start in any new field, it's easy to make mistakes, and learning from your mistakes is not always pleasant, so I decided to structure information that will help you understand all aspects of investing and start this path as comfortably as possible.

In this article, you will go through 10 steps that will help you come to an understanding of your goal, your capabilities and how to use them. Let's get started:

Step 0. Laying knowledge
We are not starting from the first step, but from zero, because it is implied that if you are reading this article, you already have an idea about investing. But if this is not the case, then first of all it is necessary to understand the basic concepts and terms, how the market works and according to what laws it operates.

I advise you to start by reading books (a selection of the best books on investing) this will give you a good knowledge base. After that, you can apply knowledge about current market trends to it. I prefer to follow telegram channels on investing, because there you can find out up-to-date information about the market, the economic situation, or learn from someone else's investment experience.

Step 1. Create an airbag
When the question of the basics of investing is closed, you can proceed to the next step. And no, this is not a choice of securities or even an account opening. The fact is that the result of your investment directly depends on the regularity, stability and consistency of investments. Investors, unlike traders, cannot afford to use the invested funds, because in this case you risk withdrawing funds at the wrong time (when the portfolio is in a downturn) and you will have to start the investment process again.

In order to avoid such an outcome, it is necessary to create a financial cushion. These are free funds in your account, in case of unforeseen circumstances or difficult life situations. It is usually recommended to do it in the amount of 6 of your salaries. So you will not be tempted to pull funds out of the portfolio, or, even worse, take out a loan or loan.

Step 2. Setting a goal
At this stage, we must set the goal of your investment, since all the following actions will be based on it. Most often, investors tend to:

Preservation and multiplication of funds. If you have formed a significant amount of funds (lottery winnings, inheritance, etc.), then it will be much more effective to invest them in securities than to keep them on deposit or buy real estate. This will not only block inflation, but also make a profit;

Passive income. Investing can help you earn additional income to your salary, or replace it altogether. This is achieved, as a rule, through dividends, coupons, crowdlanding, etc.;

Capital for the child. Many have to take out loans for the education of children, or help them with the purchase of an apartment. By investing funds, you you can get a decent amount of money by the age of majority of the child;

Accumulation on the target. You can set yourself a more material goal, such as buying an apartment without a mortgage, or a dream car, here your imagination is limitless.

A clearly set goal helps to achieve the best result. This is due to the fact that you will be able to choose more effective means to achieve it and with a higher level of motivation.

Step 3. Define the risk profile
The next thing you will need to do is determine your tolerance to risk. The higher the risk, the higher the return, respectively, the more you are willing to lose, the more you have a chance to get. To determine your risk tolerance, there are a lot of different tests (for example, one of them), you can pass any one, and based on this, understand which strategy suits you, as well as what ratio of high-risk assets to low-risk assets will be in your portfolio (I recommend starting with low-risk and gradually increasing the share of high-risk).

Step 4. Visualize your goals
I have an article that is dedicated to this point. There is a link in it on the table, thanks to which you can clearly see how much money and time you need to achieve exactly your goal. The table does not guarantee an exact result, since the future is changeable, but it makes it clear under what parameters you will be able to achieve what you want.

Step 5. Thinking over the strategy
The moment has come to decide on an investment strategy. The strategy must match your risk tolerance, as well as your goals and capabilities (you have already defined all this in the previous steps).

There are many different strategies in the investment world. There are both aggressive and conservative ones. For some, it is necessary to have knowledge of the stock market or fundamental analysis, while others, on the contrary, require only a superficial understanding of the processes.

There are several basic investment strategies:

Dividend (purchase of exclusively dividend shares, permanent reinvestment of dividends);

Profitable (purchase of shares that should rise in price);

Growth (purchase of shares of small companies);

Passive (purchase of funds and ETFs);

Cost (purchase of undervalued companies).

Over time, your strategy may change, as well as your tolerance for risk, but you should not change them too often, since it takes time to implement the strategy and the result will not be visible.

Step 6. Select assets
Finally, we got to the most interesting and at the same time the most difficult. It's time to decide what will be included in your portfolio. How to do it? You already know how to distribute your assets according to profitability, you know what strategy you will follow and what amount you have. It remains only to summarize the work done.

Your portfolio may consist of:

and other tools.

There are two fundamental principles of making a portfolio:

It means how many different assets will be in your portfolio. You can diversify by country, by asset class, by industry, by broker. An elementary rule works here, don't put your eggs in one basket.

Different strategies use different types of analysis, the following can be distinguished as the most popular methods: fundamental (when analyzing company indicators, revenue, profit, EPS, etc.) and news (when making purchases against the background of news). You can also take an easier path: turn to trust management (the analysis will be performed for you) or choose passive investment in ETFs, mutual funds, ZPif (only a superficial analysis is required).

Step 7. Looking for the best broker

There is very little left, because we have already done the main work. It's time to get active.

Since securities trading is possible only through an intermediary broker, a comparative analysis should be carried out according to the following criteria:

Check if the broker has a license. 

Choose the most convenient tariff and the most profitable commissions. To do this, decide on which markets you plan to trade and how often you will make transactions.
Main commissions:
-broker account maintenance fee;
-fee for the services of the depository;
-commission for transactions;
-commission for depositing and withdrawing money;

Evaluate the reputation and reliability of the broker, read reviews or see ratings;

Pay attention to the usability, check the functionality of the website or the broker's application for the availability of available operations.

Step 8. Open an account

After you have decided on a broker, you can open an account, basically it can be done remotely. Each broker has instructions on the website, so you should not have any difficulties.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that if you have a higher economic education, you can try to apply for a qualified investor, this will allow you to remove any restrictions on the purchase of securities (read more about obtaining the status of a qual).

Step 9. We implement our plans

At this stage, you only have to buy the selected assets through your broker. You should not do it all at once, buy more assets gradually, so you can average their value, and also do not forget to monitor their ratio.

Step 10. We continue to invest

If you have reached this step, then you are great fellows. Now you are a real investor, but do not forget to monitor the state of the market and the state of companies, improve your knowledge.

Tips for newly minted investors

If you are counting on instant enrichment, then most likely investments are not really your tool, speculation in the market or investing in your own business is more suitable (but this is another topic).

The more your income, the more you will be able to invest, do not neglect the opportunities to earn extra money.

Don't treat investing like a casino, there are its own patterns. Shares are a share in a business (albeit a small one) and you need to treat it accordingly.

It is very important to have your own point of view about the purchase of a particular instrument, if you buy because everyone buys, then in case of failure you will become one of the opponents of investing.

Discipline is very important. Make an investment one of your expense items and invest regularly.

The status of the portfolio is not constantly monitored. This way you will be less exposed to psychological pressure. Rebalancing should be carried out no more than once a quarter (this is written in more detail in the books), fluctuations are inevitable at short distances.

Constantly learn new things. If you have already made up your portfolio, then this is not the end, earning capital is not as difficult as saving it.

By Terra TEAM.

The financial platform for business Stripe has published its analytical report for 2023, which shows that companies are still investing in their own growth, despite the negative economic climate.

The report is based on a survey of 2,500 business leaders in nine countries and highlights that businesses are more confident in their own growth than in the health of the economy as a whole.

Survey results:
— 80% of respondents, regardless of business models, location and size of the company, expressed pessimism about the state of the economy, calling inflation their main problem;

— 72% of respondents reported that operating expenses were higher than in the previous year;

— 65% of respondents expressed confidence in the growth of their business in 2023;

— 61% of respondents use the current recession to experiment with new ways to increase their income through e-commerce.


As we can see, companies prioritize their own development, not cost reduction. It is known that during past recessions, companies that made such bold bets succeeded.

Companies like General Electric and Amazon have launched new products during previous crises. Moreover, the results of Bain research & Company, McKinsey & Company and Harvard Business Review show that this "invest in yourself" formula can be replicated.

By Terra TEAM

Today, the topic of cryptocurrencies is very popular in the digital world, and now we will look at the main methods of how you can make money on it. But first, for those who do not know, I will briefly tell you what it is.

The high volatility of bitcoin and other digital coins makes them very attractive for earnings. Many people ask the question: "How to ensure earnings on cryptocurrency?" The answer to it may be different, it is important to decide on the appropriate way and choose a competent strategy.

A lot depends on your personal preferences, willingness to take risks or refrain from taking risks, as well as other factors.

Among the common ways of earning money are:

Investments in promising cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency Trading
Partner programs
Crypto Games

But we will look at the main strategies for trading cryptocurrencies and I will share the methods of how you can trade.


The strategy of arbitrage trading is simple and conceptually very clear. Simply put, an asset is bought when the price is low and sold when the price rises.

For example, arbitrage trading on the bitcoin market will consist in the fact that you buy bitcoin for 60,000 USD on one cryptocurrency exchange, and then sell it on another cryptocurrency exchange platform for 62,000 USD. In this example, a trader will be able to make a profit of 2000 USD by simply buying and selling cryptocurrency. It is important to note that the price may change in the same way and in a smaller direction, in this case it is better not to sell and keep the coin until it grows.

Swing trading

Swing trading is a strategy by which traders seek to profit from price movements in short and medium time periods. The idea is to catch any "fluctuations" in the market that may occur over days, weeks or months.

There are two fluctuations that traders pay attention to:

The highs of fluctuations are when the market reaches a peak before the pullback, which makes it possible for a short trade.
Swing lows — when the market falls and bounces, providing an opportunity for a long trade.

Successful cryptocurrency swing traders usually use technical analysis to monitor charts of short and medium time periods in order to catch daily and weekly trends. The use of fundamental analysis is also important because economic events can often occur over several days or weeks.

Day Trading

The day trading strategy is aimed at exploiting market volatility over shorter time periods of several hours, rather than days and weeks.

Day traders identify market trends and trade with the prevailing mood until a support or resistance level is reached or a predetermined price point is reached.

Day trading can be time consuming and requires a lot of flexibility and the ability to respond to rapidly changing market events.


Scalping is the making of small transactions with a minimum duration of time with a small profit.

The duration of the time should be small, ideally no more than an hour. The biggest asset for scalpers is volume; the number of trades is more important than the profit from one trade. Scalpers will never seek big profits and cannot afford to wait for the market to turn around to reduce losses.

Scalping should never be done at an uncertain time, and the best market for scalping is a calm market with limited volatility.

Reverse trading

Reverse trading is considered one of the best trading strategies for cryptocurrencies and is based on a change in the general trend in the market. To understand this in detail, the strategy is to find the exact moment when the trend is about to change. If the coin has been bullish for a while, the reverse trader will look for the time when he will reverse the trend and place a bet on it.

Another interesting version of reverse trading is trading by predicting the high/low of the day and making money on this forecast. The risk associated with this strategy is the general risk of incorrect prediction of the reversal time.

The Golden Cross and the Cross of Death

The Golden Cross and the cross of death are quite an exciting cryptocurrency trading strategy, and you need to understand both of these terms in order to implement it correctly. The golden Cross is basically defined as the time when the short-term average value of a particular cryptocurrency crosses the long-term average. The short—term average is usually defined as the 50-day average, and the long-term average is defined as the 200-day average.

On the other hand, the death cross is the exact opposite of the golden cross and is defined as the moment when the short-term average falls below the long-term average.

Confirmation of these trends is carried out by analyzing changes in trading volume. Some traders also use other indicators such as RSI and MACD, but volume is considered one of the best indicators.

The strategy revolves around buying from the golden cross and selling from the death cross.

By Terra TEAM

There are small habits that, by incorporating into our daily routine, will help us become richer without taking much time or money from us.

- As difficult as it may seem, try to save a modest amount every day. Putting aside a few dollars a day will add up to a significant amount of money.

- Track every transaction you make, which will reveal where your money is going and where you can save.

- Make a budget, regulate your income and expenses. That way you will know how much money you have to make.

- Invest in financial education, which will give you valuable knowledge and skills, and lead you to wealth faster.

- Prioritize paying off your high interest debt. It can drain your resources significantly. This will be equivalent to you investing more money for the future.

The more you develop and maintain these habits over time, the more they will become a part of your daily life and put you on the path to a prosperous future.

By Terra TEAM

Car loan interest rates are higher now.

Tips on how to get a lower car loan.

- A high credit score before applying for a car loan will help you get the lowest interest rate. To do this, pay off your credit card balances and make sure you pay all your bills on time.

- Get pre-qualified with a lender to get a lower car loan rate. Which will let you know how much you can afford to pay for the car before you buy it.

- If your credit score is not good, you can bring a guarantor with a better credit score, which can be spouses or parents, to get a lower car loan rate.

By Terra TEAM

Making new investments, especially in the stock market, always comes with initial difficulties. But with the right approach and knowledge, you can successfully make a profit.

Advancement in the stock market can be achieved through self-education. Read books, articles and take online courses to learn the basics of investing and trading. Ask for advice from experienced traders and financial advisors to get lots of information.

After gaining some knowledge, start making small investments in low-risk stocks. Check stock market status regularly and follow investments. It will allow you to stay up to date with the latest market news and trends, which will help you make informed decisions.

Instead of buying dollars at an absolute low, browse the market and invest a fixed amount in the stock market at regular intervals. By doing so, you can reduce risk and average costs over time.

Diversify the portfolio by investing in different stocks from different industries and sectors. This way you will spread the risk and ensure the stock is not performing well.

As you grew more experienced, you started investing in small-cap stocks and emerging markets whose stocks have higher returns.

Investing in the stock market requires patience and discipline. Ups and downs will be inevitable, but you will be able to maximize your success.

By Terra TEAM

Here is the of 50 popular cryptocurrencies.

  1. - Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. - Ethereum (ETH)
  3. - Ripple (XRP)
  4. - Binance Coin (BNB)
  5. - Cardano (ADA)
  6. - Dogecoin (DOGE)
  7. - Polkadot (DOT)
  8. - Tether (USDT)
  9. - Litecoin (LTC)
  10. - Chainlink (LINK)
  11. - Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  12. - Solana (SOL)
  13. - Uniswap (UNI)
  14. - Aave (AAVE)
  15. - Stellar (XLM)
  16. - Cosmos (ATOM)
  17. - NEM (XEM)
  18. - Monero (XMR)
  19. - TRON (TRX)
  20. - Terra (LUNA)
  21. - VeChain (VET)
  22. - IOTA (MIOTA)
  23. - EOS (EOS)
  24. - Dash (DASH)
  25. - Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  26. - Zcash (ZEC)
  27. - Gnosis (GNO)
  28. - Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  29. - Maker (MKR)
  30. - 0x (ZRX)
  31. - Tezos (XTZ)
  32. - Ren (REN)
  33. - Compound (COMP)
  34. - Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)
  35. - Ontology (ONT)
  36. - Kyber Network (KNC)
  37. - Synthetix (SNX)
  38. - Avalanche (AVAX)
  39. - Bancor (BNT)
  40. - The Graph (GRT)
  41. - Curve (CRV)
  42. - SushiSwap (SUSHI)
  43. - Algorand (ALGO)
  44. - Yearn.finance (YFI)
  45. - Filecoin (FIL)
  46. - Dai (DAI)
  47. - Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)
  48. - WBTC (WBTC)
  49. - Serum (SRM)
  50. - Band Protocol (BAND)

By Terra TEAM


- Send a copy of your passport to your e-mail before traveling. While traveling, you can sometimes forget your physical passport, or unfortunately it can get stolen or lost. To avoid problems in a foreign country, scan your passport and send it to yourself by email. You can also apply this idea to travel tickets and other documents.

- Use the Travel Buddies and Backpacker programs, which can help you plan joint activities with other travelers in the area based on your personality.

- Travel writer and expert Icenis Linz recommends a great way to get free hotel nights. There are many credit cards that offer a variety of bonuses that can offset your hotel expenses. World of Hyatt offers such a card for 60,000 points as a sign-up bonus, which will be enough for three free nights at Park Hyatt Zanzibar.

- Google Maps lets you explore new places. Explore and create your routes with places saved in Google Maps. By opening the maps, we can see interesting places nearby. Before you travel, read how to use Google Maps correctly and effectively.

- When traveling, book a free hiking tour, which is cost-effective and a great way to meet like-minded travelers. When visiting a new country, we recommend taking a food tour to better understand the local culture and cuisine.

By Terra TEAM

Warren Buffett is known to everyone as the greatest investor. Buffett is now one of the richest people in the world, having made a fortune thanks to his investment strategy.

Buffett follows a simple but effective investment strategy based on investing in companies with a long-term outlook. He avoids investing in technology and instead focuses on companies with a history of predictable earnings and dividend payments, such as insurance, energy and retail.

The most important aspect of Buffett's strategy is his long-term orientation, which has allowed Buffett to withstand short-term market fluctuations without getting caught up in the daily noise of the stock market.

Here are some key takeaways on what you can learn from Warren Buffett's investment strategy.

Taking a long-term view will allow you to better withstand market fluctuations and make more informed investment decisions. Therefore, focus on the long term.

Like Buffett, you invest in projects with strong teams and reliable technology that are likely to be successful in the long run.

Achieving wealth takes time and the pursuit of short-term gains should be avoided. With a patient and long-term approach, you will ensure success in the near future. Be patient and your future self will thank you.

By Terra TEAM

Due to technological progress, remote work has become more widespread. Making money from home has become incredibly easy.

Several ways, how you can do it.

1. Offer your skills and services on Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer as a graphic designer, writer, virtual assistant or web developer.

2. Share your knowledge with many students around the world. Teach the subject you know well. You can find many tutoring opportunities at Tutor.com and Chegg.

3. Start an E-commerce business on Amazon, Etsy, or your own website. Or resell the products and get commissions.

5. Get paid to take surveys or participate in market research on Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars.

You can find one of these methods that best suits your skills and interests, which will make it easier to make money from home.

Get started today and enjoy it!

By Terra TEAM

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