Energy stocks: Is there room for more upside? Experts weigh in

Energy stocks: Is there room for more upside? Experts weigh in

It’s been a strong 2022 for energy stocks. The S&P 500’s XLE (XLE) is up more than 40% since the beginning of January — by far outperforming the broader market.

In June and July, overbought energy stocks pulled back sharply amid concerns of a recession and tumbling oil prices. Since then, the sector has regained a large portion of those losses.

In continuation of our series, "What to do in a bear market," Yahoo Finance asked the experts if energy is still the place to be given the recent pull back in oil prices.

Energy stocks were the place to hide out for most of the first half of the year. Should investors still be holding onto energy stocks?

“We still think we are in the early stages of a longer-term period where crude oil and natural gas prices remain fairly high by historical standards. In practical terms, this means crude oil likely in a range of $80/b - $100/b (WTI) (CL=F), and at those price points, many energy firms should have strong earnings power and throw off a lot of free cash flow,” energy analyst Stewart Glickman of CFRA Research told Yahoo Finance.

“Energy investors have to be willing to tolerate the volatility that comes with the space. The biggest risk to energy names is a recession that hurts demand and causes prices to decline even further – for a short amount of time. Recessions do not last forever,” he added.

Energy companies' top and bottom lines surged last quarter. Their strong quarterly prints are expected to continue into the rest of the year.

“The strongest sales and earnings announcements will be in the energy sector for Q3 & Q4 due to favorable year-over-year comparisons,” Louis Navellier, of Navellier Calculated Investments, tells Yahoo Finance.

“Many energy stocks, like DVN (DVN), have high dividend yields, plus low price-to-earnings (PE) ratios, so they are also at great valuations,” he added.

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