What benefits can be gained from inflation?

What benefits can be gained from inflation?

US inflation is 6.5% in 2022, interest rates have risen.

How can we benefit from this situation in 2023?

It is possible to find out how many products have increased in price since the beginning of 2022. It should be noted that the basic daily necessities will increase by 8 to 17 percent in 2022.

- For example, the inflation of milk in 2022 was 14%. It is an essential product, cheap to store and has a shelf life of 10 months.

In 2022, it would be possible to get $1,400 profit from 1,000 bottles of milk within 10 months.

- The business of shipping containers can be considered as such based on the logic of 2022.

The prices of sea containers in 2022 have reached significantly high levels. And based on China's economic growth, it is worth paying attention to the prices of containers leaving China. You can create an efficient business of transporting precious cargo on small ships.

- US Treasury bonds
In the US, you can earn almost 5% from treasury bonds in 1 year. And in the case of the end of inflation in 2023, it can be an ideal option.

- Invest in yourself
It may be small, but it is the best investment. Usually, tuition fees are not directly related to inflation. This means that you will spend the same amount even with inflation, and the salary in jobs related to the course may be higher than before.

- Buy a home on Airbnb
Debt can be both your friend and your enemy. How is it possible to earn money? Find people with the highest mortgage rates and offer to buy their home at a great discount.

Before following the above tips, please check your country's laws first as a guide

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